Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Attention, All Five Who Follow This Blog

The good news is than there are now five declared followers of this blog and this message is addressed to those of you who do not regularly communicate with me.

Follower Bob from Carson, CA left a message for me which I was able to read by clicking on his follower icon. My problem in answering him is that I am not smart enough to follow Google's instructions in order to contact him. So for Bob and any others who want to contact me directly just send an email to William McCown bill77mccown@gmail.com. I am very pleased to hear from those reading the blog so please don't hesitate to write to me directly. That way, I can reply directly without first getting an education in Google 101.

Also, the original intent of this blog was to encourage inputs from readers who want to share their knowledge about anything that pertains to McCown, Scots or Irish or the FTDNA Y-DNA results that are sometimes alluded to in my various postings. If you have input regarding the Maguire Clan, Fermanagh, Cavan or other subjects which I have brought up, I encourage you to let me know.

Since I have to log into the blogspot.com website to post, I really don't know how you can input directly to the blog, but send me what you cannot post directly and I will include it in future postings.

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pgurry said...

Hi Bill and fellow followers, I am the fifth follower, my name is Peter Gurry, according to my dna results, it looks like I have good Maguire dna, from Joseph Donohoes research from Mac Gothraidh, Gothraidh being the son of Donn Mor Maguire. I look forward to increasing my knowledge of my Maguire and associated families dna.