Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Down and Out in Abingdon

Sad but true, no state records of marriage were required before 1850 in Virginia. The only records older than that are church records and they do not include the names
of the parents of the couple who were married. I had thought the church records might include the parents' names, but no such luck. At this moment, unless some legal paper such as apprenticeship, property transfers or gravestones are found, I don't have a clue as to where next to find the names of the parents of our earliest known ancestor, Lawrence McCown.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Abingdon, Virginia Search

I have contacted the Sinking Spring Presbyterian Church in Abingdon, Virginia.
The object is to see if they will recommend someone to search the marriage record of my great great grand parents to see if their parents' names are recorded.

If so, that would be a tremendous break through. It might be possible to determine if these parents were the first of our line in America and the location in South Carolina where they settled. This church (though not this building) is where my gggf&m were married in Janurary 1815.

Also, I have contacted Debra McCown in Abingdon who has been very helpful and may be able to come up with a McCown contact in northeastern Tennessee who has done a lot of genealogical work related to various McCown lines. As with all things genealogical, none of this may pan out, but never the less some very helpful people already have been encountered in the search.

Another goal of this search in Abingdon, Washington County, VA is to locate other male McCowns willing to take the Family Tree Y-DNA test which could give us an indication of whether or not our lines are related.