Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Thrust in Maguire Genealogy and Y-DNA

As faithful readers (when a blog update becomes available know) this blog has been in
the doldrums since April 9, 2013.  In fact, I was somewhat surprised that it still exists
since it has been idle so long.  But at long last, Brad McGuire has added extra thrust to
this blog and some bright hope for the future.

First, an effort is being started to have a full Y-DNA Genome test performed and a
donor has been found to provide most of the funds to have this test performed.  Because
one of them is also a genetic distance of only four from the baseline of all of the members
of Brad's Airghialla Mag Uidhir (Maguire) FTDNA Group, Brad proposes that he be the
one to provide the Y-DNA sample to be used in this test.

Second, Charles Robert Maguire, can document his genealogy clear back to the brother
of the last ruling ruling prince of Fermanagh in the Junior line of Maguire.  His ancestor was
Lord Thomas Mor Maguire, 1400, brother to Hugh II, 1600.  It is not known to us if
Robert Charles Maguire of South Carolina is still living or not (he was in 2010) but we do
know that he had brothers and two sons. 

It is our hope to have one of this family fully tested to 111 markers and even perhaps to
be tested for the full Y-DNA Genome.  Great hope and expectations abound.