Thursday, August 16, 2012

Latest on Genealogical Contacts

First, let me say that I have to post every five or six weeks to keep the blog alive.  That being
said, I have had a contact with a woman who has an ancestor with the McCowan spelling.  She
and I both have the surname, Dye, in our family trees.  She is currently on a trip to visit
relatives who have more information on their Dye ancestors to see if we have any in common.

Mine is the mother of my paternal grandmother and her name was Margaret Delilah Dye and
Margaret's father was John Dye whose father was Shippe Dye with a connection to the
Goodnight family.  I have no idea whether that is the same line that owned the Goodnight
Ranch in Texas and whose surname appears in the name of the Goodnight-Loving Cattle
trail.  If it is, none of it washed off on us.

Another interesting thing about this contact, is that her maiden name was Cone and Cone is
certainly a version of Co'an or Cowan or Owen which would relate to my surname.  I hope to
inform you whether or not our Dye connection is related to hers.  Dye appears to be a fairly
common surname.