Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Good Source for County Fermanagh Records

Navigate to Fermanagh-Gold and then join the forum.  That will allow you to download many
records listed by experts.  Two of these experts are Yvette Sage and John Cunningham.  On
the home page, scroll down to John-Cunningham and see the records he listed along with
Yvette Sage.  Scroll down further, and you will find Yevette-Sage.  She has listed records
that you can download and further down, you can download her CD---at no cost to you.

There is a downside to this in that by joining the forum you will receive many emails from
other forum members.  I suggest just reading the titles, and if these don't interest you, then
just delete that email.  I believe the John Cunningham, mentioned above was our tour guide
in September 2010 when we visited practically every county in what was formerly known as
Ulster.  John is a historian, a genealogist and a speaker of Gaelic as well.  He picked us up at
the Belfast Airport and drove clear across northern Ireland to Fermanagh in less than three hours.

If you, or someone in your paternal line have not been tested for Y-DNA, this is the place to
start.  There are several good DNA services, but I have all of my experience with Family
Tree DNA and it has been a marvelous experience over the years.  A good place to start with
Family Tree DNA is at their home page.  There you will see the many types of tests offered
to track both your male (Y-DNA) and your female (mtDNA).  At the moment they are having
an excellent sale to encourage new members to be tested.

One of the chief virtues of having the DNA tests is that it allows you to find people closely
related to you since their data base is the largest of those offering the test.  Also, if you can
research your family tree, the test results can prove that relationship and that is the gold
standard of genealogy.  Another is that I contact many people and together we try to find
our ancestors---although I readily admit, that often I am the beneficiary of their guidance.