Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Leads and More Results

On the subject of results, I need to correct my 67 marker result with Jim McKown
from 101/111 to 105/111 and add Joseph D. McGuire at 101/111 markers. Also, I
am confirmed as L513 positive in keeping with the rest of the Maguire group who have been tested.

The fair Coane and her husband have turned up some interesting leads. The word
Edeganny comes up in two Maguires and one McOwen. The fair Coane's husband has found that the root word in Gaelic from which it derives is Deacon. I am not familiar with church practice in the 1600's but in these cases, it is not always placed at the front of the name.

For example we have a Maguire with Edganny at the beginning of the name and his son, Rory McEdeganny Maguire and Owen McOwen Edeganny.

All three of these appear on the same page in the records of Fermanagh and Tyrone.
Meanwhile, Patrick MacAuley, has found that a similar sounding root (at least to a
non-Gaelic speaker) sounds much like the root which is rendered as Deacon, but in this case, comes from an accolade to Hugh Maguire, a Maguire chief and refers to his
generosity as in Hugh the Generous.

Now the chore is to somehow connect McCown/McOwen to Maguire to either of those leads.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Testing is in Progress

Since the previous post, several more 111 marker level results have been reported.
In addition, both Jim McKown and I have been tested for SNP L513. Jim is L513+ and my results are "pending". On Mike Walsh's R-L21 1113 Combo DNA Results, Mike shows
Jim and I as P66+ as tested and L513+(by default). Since my 111 marker test result shows that I am a genetic distance of one more than is allowed by FTDNA
in their match criteria, my only current match at 111 markers is Jim at 101/111

This reminds me of a progress report written my an engineering manager who said "
the project is slightly off course but making good progress." But, hope and the blog
spring eternal so perhaps there will be something to report in the next posting.

Although Jim and I definitely have a Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) at about
the year 1661 AD, his line appears to be some generations older than mine. I have
no rational comment to make on that.