Monday, October 24, 2011

Some Miscellanous Musings

First, I would like to welcome blog follower No. 17 to the blog and I believe his name is McEwen. McCown, McKown and McEwen are all derived from Eoghainn, pronounced as Owen. Until about 1600AD, Eoghainn and Eoin were both used for the Hebrew name, John. At about that time, Eoin was used exclusively and Eoghainn began to be used for Eugene or well born. I believe the change only involved new surnames and was not retroactive. I have been keeping up on release of Windows 8. So far,it appears that IE 10 will be embedded in the Windows operating system so that changes to one affect the other. It is anticipated that Internet Explorer 10 will not accept plug-ins such as blogs or flash and thus it could not only change how we use FTDNA in viewing the Haplogroup Tree but also whether blogs will become a thing of the past as a result of all of the new "social" applications. Still, there is many a slip twixt the cup and the lip, so things may change considerably before the launch of Windows 8and IE 10. Previously, you have read that my best and closest match within the Maguire surname is being tested for deep subclades and those results are not in as yet. My hope is that he will also be positive on deep clade P66 and thus be of the Maguire line which is also connected to the McCown/McKown line. Now a new Y-DNA test is underway and it is believed that the test subject is likely to be a match for both of us. Brad McGuire informs me that my best McGuire match also would match Donn Carrach Maguire, first Maguire Prince of Fermanagh at 66/67 markers. I will surely report to you if my best Maguire match to date turns out to be P66+---but, of course, it will have to wait until I stop celebrating that good news.