Friday, February 26, 2010

McKown Y-DNA Test in Progress

Word has been received from John McKown that he has ordered a kit from FTDNA and will test for 67
markers. I am looking forward to his test results and what, if any, implications it will have on the Roulston
Maguire/MacAuley/McCown study. John said that a taxi driver in Belfast told him that if he were a Protestant, he would pronounce McKown as McEwen and if he were Catholic, he would pronounce it as
McCone. My line of McCowns pronounces it to rhyme with town. That might make travel in Ulster safer since our pronunciation is neither Catholic or Protestant.

Barry McCain of the Ulster Heritage Group tells me that although all seven McKowns in the 1901 census of Parish Aghalurcher, County Fermanagh were Catholic that many families, including his, which include both Highland Scots and Ulster Irish, have a history of being Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist and Anglican depending on where individual family members lived.

Meanwhile, I have asked for more answers from FTDNA regarding my matches with Donald James Maguire. In the previous posting, I was hopeful that we would be a match. So far, FTDNA reports that
with a genetic distance of 6 at 37 markers and 8 at 67 markers we fall outside of their criteria to be considered matches. Still, he does match well with other Maguires of whatever spelling and where there is life there is hope.

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