Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More Names Like McCown in Fermanagh

On a website called Fermanagh-Gold, There were a number of listings for McKeown, McKeon and two for McKeone. Yesterday, I found seven McKown households in Agulurcher Parish, Fermanagh. They were in a 1901 census and now I wouder where they lived before 1901.

Barry McCain believes that there is no difference in the surnames McCown/McKown except spelling because they have the same Gaelic root and mean the same thing ie son of John or Johnson. There was even a Johnston McKown. If there is any significance in this regarding my family, it will be up to William Roulston to sort it out.

Since McKown is a spelling also used by the Scottish Clan MacEwen, these McKowns could be native Irish, Scots or Scotch-Irish. Now, I will have to see if some McKowns will be willing to take the FTDNA Y-DNA test. If they do and they match me at 37 and 67 markers, they are my family.

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Scott said...

I went to High School in Pensacola, FL with a Jeff McKown. I will see if I can find him and get him to check this blog.