Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just When I Had All the Answers---

It seems that the previous post had some errors and this is written to correct them. The outright errors are mine and there is a clarification from the fair Coane regarding the baronies of interest. I, in a fit of misreading maps put, baronies that are north and east of Lower Lough Erne, to the southwest of Upper Lough Erne.

The baronies are actually between Donegal and Tyrone, but mostly within Fermanagh. Looking at a map of Fermanagh, it looks as though Enniskillen is midway between the northern and southern boundaries of Fermanagh. The fair Coane states that "Cuchonnagh o Koen was in the Parish of Carn and Edmund McCone was in the Parish of Culmaine (Magheraculmoney). Both parishes are in the Barony of Lurg."

"Lurg, on the barony map, at the top right (orange), is quite extensive, and appears to contain both the parishes of Carn and Culmaine, which I think translates into the present day parish of Magheraculmoney.
If you click on the barony map (see link below) you can enlarge it. I think if you Google search for Carn and Magheraculmoney, you can probably get relevant info.

The website link should work now for the maps.

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