Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Event

Word was received from William Roulston yesterday that he and his wife are the proud parents of their first born, Harry William Martin Roulston was born on Jan. 26th. Because surgery was involved, his wife's recovery will require more time for healing and learning all about being a first time mother. Both mother and son are doing well and father is on a steep learning curve. My prayers continue to be with them.

Of course, William will be learning all about being a first time father, and will be fully occupied with his new duties for the foreseeable future. My memories of being a first, second and third time father where no surgery was involved were trying and so both my congratulations and concern go out to them during this joyful, yet trying time.

On the ancestor search project, the longest journey begins with the first step, and that first step is necessarily delayed. That is fine because that first step will require William Roulston's full attention and we will benefit from that much more than if he is greatly preoccupied with family duties.

Recently, news was received from Joseph D. McGuire and his friend, Debbie. This means that four of the five men in the Roulston, Maguire/McCown Project have responded with information that will be used in the project. Of special interest is that Debbie's maiden name was Maguire as well and her father is submitting his DNA sample to FTDNA. Debbie hopes to find a Most Recent Common Ancestor between Joseph and her father as part of the incentive for taking his the test. I am also pleased to report that Joseph D. McGuire has now joined the FTDNA Ulster Heritage Group. On that group, there are now 16 men listed under the Mag Uidhir II (Maguire II) category.

If any of the men listed in that group don't already have their preferences set on their FTDNA personal page
to compare their test results across the entire data base, it would help the Project if they made that change.
Otherwise, why pay for the test and not give yourself the advantage of finding others who may well help you find your own family history? Genealogy only works by fully cooperating with other researchers.

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