Friday, January 29, 2010

Update on the Roulston Maguire/McCown Project

There are only four men from whom information is required by William Roulston, not including me. They were chosen by Barry McCain and I, not fully understanding why he limited the list to four, added two other men in error because they match me as well, or in one case even one gentetic distance closer than the four he chose.

In Barry's words "As mentioned, I am sending to you some Mag Uidhir men. The surnames are all forms of Mag Uidhir and Mac Eoin that match Mag Uidhir on the DNA results. These DNA matches confirm that they are all the same family and the fact that these are all known Mag Uidhir surnames tell us that something profound has been discovered. The head of the Mag Uidhir Project informs me that these men are all of the ruling Mag Uidhir family, so this has historical significance. In Fermanagh, one Gaelige spelling of McCown was Ceothuinn, a non standard form of Mac Eoin."

The explanation and the quotation is presented as much to correct my own misunderstanding as to set the tone for future postings. This will be updated when I receive more news about the expected birth of the Roulstons' first child and William's signal that he is ready to proceed. This could well turn into Fibber McGee's closet (for the young among you, every time Fibber opened the closet door, the entire contents fell on him).

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