Saturday, January 16, 2010

North Connaught/O'Ceatthain Connecton?

A guest on my blog this morning is Patrick H. MacAuley. Using the Fermanagh Genealogies link furnished by the fair Coane. Patrick believes that we may be on to something here and quotes from the Fermanagh Story by Fr. Peadar Livingstone: "KEOWN (O'Ceathain): also McKeown. McKeown ws a North Connacht sept which may be represented in modern Fermanagh. On the other hand this "Mc" may have been assumed in modern times so that some of these may really be Keowns or O'Keowns".

Patrick mentions that the O'Ceathain were a native Fermanagh family which is found in the Fermanagh Genealogies on page 430. He goes on to say that "I'm taking some leaps here, but perhaps your ancestors
were of this O'Ceathain sept, which may have had a common male lineage with the Maguires. This would be an explanation for your Y-DNA which is so similar to the Maguire pattern. I'm pretty sure that the Maguire pedigree ws doctored after they became leading family, and that prior to Donn Carrach Maguire the Maguires were a minor Fermanagh sept similar to the O'Ceathains. If this therory is true, then we need to check the DNA of some Fermanagh (Mc) Keowns."

I am deeply indebted to both the fair Coane for supplying the research and furnishing the link to the Fermanagh Genealogies and also to Patrick H. MacAuley for his "leaps" because they more than justify pursuing this research. Patrick has been a source of a great deal of information and encouragement to me and I say Thank you Patrick! And Thank you fair Coane!

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