Thursday, January 14, 2010

On Further Review

The fair Coane has sent a link to Barry McCain which shows the Fermanagh Genealogies. Barry is considering, from the information contained therein, that there may indeed be a connection between the ruling line of Maguire and Keon (John) of Muintir Ceothuinn and this would be of great interest. He is appealing to friends in Ulster who have even more expertise than he for their opinions to help clarify things. Ever the optimist, I hope for great things from this research in my lifetime. The reason that I am not including the link to the Fermanagh Geneaologies is that most of the four readers of this blog don't read Ulster Gaelic and the link is all Ulster Gaelic. I do, however, occasionally enjoy boggling my mind trying to guess meanings of the Gaelic words.

There is now hope for finding a Coane candidate for submitting a DNA sample for testing. DNA is the gold standard in genealogy because documents have been known to contain errors both intentional and unintentional. The fair Coane does have some Coane male relatives and hopefully one of them will consent to take the easy and painless test. If the test happens and the results show a match between my DNA and his, that would mean that we would have a most recent common ancestor more recent than one of Noah's sons. If a frog had wings---

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