Monday, January 24, 2011

Haplogroup Answers from the Experts

If you have read my last two postings, you may be aware that Jim McKown came up with a whole new haplogroup of which he may be the sole member. It is based on him
being positive for SNP P66+. I could tell you what the letters SNP refer to, but
beyond that I haven't a clue. Meanwhile, FTDNA responded to my email by saying that
P66+ is a very unstable SNP and may revert to the ancestral line. I also got a reply
from one of the principle analysts in the FTDNA Lab. and he says that they reviewed
Jim's P66+ twice, from two DNA samples and it is still P66+.

He goes on to say that they will review my P66- as well. It will be interesting to
see the result. Also, I would think that they would have to review the P66- results
of the other seven men with strong Maguire DNA. That is because these SNP's go back thousands of years and I would think that all of the men in the Ulster Heritage Group
Mag Uidhir II classification would have very similar deep ancestry as well. As you can see, I am out of my depth here and so, unlike politicians, I will sit down and shut up.


J_Mac said...

I'm glad that we sit together in our confusion. I stand, or sit, ready to welcome the P66- folks into my lonesome kingdom of P66+. I guess all we can do is wait for FTDNA to complete their study.

chris said...

My father William McCown tested negative for this as P66-. His complete deep clad results are expected on 4/27/2011.

chris said...
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