Thursday, January 13, 2011

More From FTDNA

For those of you who have been tested by FTDNA, it appears to me that there will be
no substantial downside to the changes being made. They now say that you may copy
your existing matches if you want to, but then goes on to say BUT WE DON'T SEE WHY

Also, all of the matches at 33/37 and 60/67 and better will still be there so I see
no reason now to print out a copy of existing matches.

Meanwhile, there should be a substantial upside to the improvement in the FTDNA
Tip Tool which calculates the percentage probability of having a most common ancestor with any of your matches. They call this calculation the Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor (TMRCA). Two administrators, Barry McCain, of the Ulster Heritage Group and Joseph V. Dononhoe, of the Breifne Clans Project, have long regarded the FTDNA calculation to be unnecessarily conservative. They have been using probabilities of 55% to 85% as being all that is needed to determine
the number of generations to the Most Recent Common Ancestor(MRCA.


kathleen said...

would any one have info on coane..?"m looking for some info on a mary coane..1860..ballyshannon..she married richard davis..he was a baker.her father was bernard coane..her mother's sur name was boyle...we are related to the hagan's,dolan's,mulligans,macmanus o'shea.thankyou for any help.

Thane said...

Bernard Coane and Mary Frances Boyle had the following children (Names followed by date of baptism at Catholic Church, Bundoran, Parish of Inishmacsaint) Bernard was born in 1803. I would be very interested to learn the name of Bernard's father, if you have this information):
Elizabeth b. 14 Oct 1861 (later married Herbert Bromley at St Annes Church of Ireland, Ballyshannon)
Mary b. 8 Mar 1864
Ellen b. 24 Mar 1866
Catherine b. 7 Feb 1869
Brigid b. 17 July 1877
If you are interested, I know a great deal about early members of the Coane family who lived in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal.

kathleen said...

thane..thankyou so much for the info ..i will check out what i can..i could use what any info you have..and if you need any help ,i to will do what i can..i will see what we can do about benards father...can you hook onto my facebook? (kathleen davis-pinney)leave message there if you'd like..thank you again..stay in touch.

kathleen said...

thane...what info could you share about the coane family of ballyshannon? thankyou thane.go onto my face book..kathleen davis pinney..