Tuesday, January 4, 2011

FTDNA's Changes to Improve TMRCA

FTDNA has a warning of pending changes when you click on your personal results page
and then click on Matches. These changes have now been sent to the project or group
admiistrators. The only thing required of those tested by FTDNA to date is to print
and save their matches so they can be reconciled with the new changes.

Apparently all of the genealogical DNA companies are having to conform to a new standard so that they all compare the same short tandem repeats (STR's). Of more
interest and concern to us is that these changes will make for a much more accurate
standard for Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor calculations. It is expected to
to affect about 10% of the membership. They haven't let on to the members, at this
point which 10% will be affected. It is very important to stay attuned to measages
from the administrators so you will know if you are affected.

I am in sort of a fringe position since I have more matches with the families in or close to the Maguire Clan and thus could wind up more in or more out as a result.
The TMRCA change is long overdue and the road is longer and more tortuos than I expected.

I expect a better appreciation from all of this as to just what my ancestry is.
That is the reason for having taken the tests and no matter how the cookie crumbles
Iam what I am and that's all I am---whatever that may be.

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