Monday, December 27, 2010

Upon Further Review

After due consideration and some words of wisdom from my brother and from Bonnie our
genealogist in Hawaii,I over reacted to some words from Dick in my previous blog post.
I no longer feel threatened by activities on his family tree by other researchers
and believe that it is quite normal. Bonnie does point out that where a connection is made between Dick's family tree and another researcher, the visiting researcher is
expected to give full credit to Dick for things that he has found and if the visiting
researcher then uses one of Dick's findings in his own research, he is then honor bound to prove the connection.

Cousin Jim has just been through an ordeal that was only made right when Jim was tested by Family Tree DNA. Jim's family tree had been connected to a Scottish family tree by another researcher. Jim was then very surprised to find that his DNA is very much Maguire and that we are indeed cousins and Irish rather than Scottish. There is a unrelated instance of a Scottish Buchanan who also has excellent Maguire DNA. In his case,however, he found a record of a Scottish MacCauley who had given an estate on the border of Counties Mohaghan and Fermanagh to one William Buchanan, of me ain
blood in 1595. The presesnt day Buchanan is a 61/67 match with me and is even a closer match to the Maguire clan.

Jim's earliest known ancestor was James McKown, born VA in 1785 whereas our earliest
known ancestor, Lawrence McCown, was born in South Carolina ca 1790-92. We now hope
to identify and connect the parents of those two ancestors so we know whether we are descended from brothers. Our other known cousin, also found as a result of his FTDNA
test result is a 66/67 marker match while Jim is a 65/67 match. Cousin Sam is known to be a second cousin descended from a younger brother of my great grandfather.

Jim also cautioned me about being unduly concerned with other researchers using the
family tree. So, here I stand, chastened on all sides and the better for it.

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