Thursday, December 2, 2010

Possible McNeil/Maguire Connection?

Robert McNeil matches me at 61/67 markers along with a number of other men who also have Maguire Modal results that are closer than mine. My closest Maguire DNA match to date is Dr. Thomas James McGuire at 63/67 markers with seven others at 62/67 markers. The seventh match is Joseph Marvin McManus (see McManus Surname Grp).

There is now at least one 67 marker match with a McMahon, one with a McManus as well as matches with MacAuley and McGuire and Maguire totalling over 31 to date.
I was only able to find the McManus match by joining that group, and at least the 63/67 match by joining the McGuire Surname Group. Another great advantage in finding matches is to make sure the preferences on your FTDNA personal results page are set to compare your test results against the entire world wide FTDNA data base.

Patrick MacAuley is going to look into a possible relationship between McNeil and
Maguire. Also, Debbie Wheeler, who is the listed contact for Robert McNeil's results,
mentioned in an email this morning that they have met William Roulston. I have asked if William is researching their family history and will report on that answer when I have it. She has also been encouraged to join the FTDNA Ulster Heritage Group.

There are plenty of McNeils in County Fermanagh which is no surprise since both the O'Neills and O'Connors held sway in County Fermanagh and freuently were held in delicate balance by the Maguires for the Maguires' best interest.

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Peter Gurry said...

It seems that there are a growing band with 'Airghialla' McGuire signature dna.