Monday, February 7, 2011

Three to Five Weeks, Oh My!

FTDNA replied to my email that the retesting for P66+ and the analysis of the result
should be completed in three to five weeks from Jan. 24th. and that should put it
about Feb. 21st. We should know by then, or shortly thereafter, whether or not
Jim McKown's result on that Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP)is simply unstable
or has reverted to some previous norm. I am expecting good things, but regardless,
I am confident that we are related, although it might be back as far as the 1600's
that our Most Recent Common Ancestor(MRCA)fathered two sons and that is probably
where our lines grew a bit farther apart.


Desert Sailor said...

Patience good man. I waited since Nov to be able to return to your blog! Glad to finally re-connect. Those pesky trees and DNA don't always add up eh?


William McCown said...

Thanks Brad,

Still, the cartoon featuring two buzzards on a tree branch while one says to the other "Patience heck, I'm going to kill me something!" seems relevent at times like this.