Thursday, February 24, 2011

Retest Status Revisited

Since Feb. 21st has come and gone and I have had no update from FTDNA regarding the retesting
of my P66- SNP result. I just sent an email to Thomas Krahn asking if it was safe to assume
that my test samples had been retested and no change found. I hope to receive an answer to this next week.

My FTDNA Home Page where I view my matches has been partially obscured since either last Friday or Saturday. This happens periodically for no reason that FTDNA has ever bothered to
explain. Specifically, the last match at every level from 12 markers through 67 markers on every group of which I am a member is covered with a horizontal bar that blocks the view of just who those matches are. I complained about this via "Contact Us" and as usual, have received no response, and worse yet, the problem has not been corrected.

I mention this to see if any of you have encountered this as well or if it is personal between me and FTDNA.

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