Friday, October 1, 2010

To Those That Comment on This Blog

First let me say, that all of your comments are appreciated. I haven't yet learned how to handle comments through the blog site, so am resorting to this as a temporary measure.

I have corresponded with several of you by email as a result of our DNA matches being relatively close, and think that some of you read it primarily to see if anything will actually come of all of this.

In our meeting with William Roulston, he acknowledged the low probability of success but was a long way from stopping our detailed study. It seems that every discovery is an opportunity for overreacting in optomism and every disappointment is a cause of depression. He is right of course, but his success ratio is apparently fairly high in that he comes very highly recommended by those who have had good results from his efforts and from FTDNA administrators who know him and his work.

I have taken the position that the hunt has to be a major part of the enjoyment, in
fact, it may be the only enjoyment. My Dad used to take me bird and rabbit hunting and when we weren't successful, he said we were "skunked". I don't recall being "skunked" as a reason not to try again.

Your comments are a very important morale factor for me in fact, in the previous posting, there were three comments and I don't ever remember receiving more than that.
The surprising part to me is that I considered most of it (statistics of questionable merit)as being dry as dust and was almost shocked when all three comments were positive.

So, please continue to comment and I will try to work them in to some of the posts.
Please don't shy away from writing to me at gmail. I understand that some of you want to remain anonymous, and that is your right, but you can influence the blog and suggest ways to improve our search.

It was quite an encouragement when you started following the blog. I see that there
ten declared followers and would guess that there are at least as many more undeclared, but each one that comments is a participant, and I thank you for your participation.


J_Mac said...

I figure since I have been reading your blog for quite some time I should join in the fun. If I had never read your blog I would never know that we are related and still believe that I am Scots-Irish.

pgurry said...

You may not have got to see the Boa Island figures, but you still got to see plenty of the great sights in Fermanagh. How was the weather?