Friday, October 15, 2010

No Interest in Pictures of Ireland?

Please a comment if you viewed the pictures in my previous post. Please leave a
comment if you tried and could not view them. Please leave a comment if you are not
interested in viewing the pictures. That will give me a clue as to what to say in the next posting.

If you do want to see the pictures and have been unable to, the only course known to me is to let me send the link by email and for that I need your email address. I don't need more addresses, I don't sell addresses and I have no other interest in your email address so don't worry about my intentions.

Brad McGuire said it all when he said "the pictures of Devenish Island made my soul sing!" I felt the same way. There are several castles of historic significance including the Maguire Castle in Enniskillen and Castle Monea and it's ponies, a holy well, the Folk Museum in Omagh and other treats. But don't let me influence your decision.


J_Mac said...

I really enjoyed the photos of the Maguire Castle in Enniskillen, but I'm not sure how we are all going to fit inside.

TutuBonnie said...

Enjoyed all your photos. And you've answered my questions about them thoroughly! Thank you for sharing.