Thursday, October 7, 2010

This Just in from our News Desk

Tah Dah! This morning, Sandy found the missing camera memory chip with 400 pictures taken on our recent trip to Northern Ireland. Perhaps you can imagine spending way too much money on a once in a lifetime trip only to have lost all evidence that you had ever been there, although a sorely depleted checking account is evidence of a sort. For example it has more than the first five days worth of pictures out of a ten day trip.

Yes, we did have 108 pictures on the disk still in the camera, still most of the places we visited are on this first disk. It also has the people we met along the way along with pictures of John Cunningham, tour guide extraordinaire, and a picture of Sandy and me standing in front of the towers of Enniskillen Castle. All of our pictures Sandy took on Devenish Island are also on the first disk. I had become attached to some of the sites on this first disk and was sore distressed to have lost the pictures, including the Castle Monea and it's beautiful ponies.

Now the problem will be to learn how to add a few of them to this blog. Another news item, is that we now have 11 committed followers of this blog, in that James Charles McKown has also joined our ranks on a wonderful day like today.


J_Mac said...

Fantastic Bill. Looking forward to seeing the pics of the Motherland.

pgurry said...

Great news Bill, I'm sure they'll be great viewing.

Bob said...

I'm glad to hear you got the pictures you took Bill. I like the others look forwards to seeing the pictures.

When you start to make a post, above are icons if you put your mouse pointer over it, it should tell you what the icon stands for. Once you find the picture icon, click on it. A pop-up window will happen, browse your directory where the pictures are stored on your computer, and click on the picture name. You will be asked to load the picture and it will load it up for you.

I hope the information is helpful to you Bill.

Desert Sailor said...

Great shots by an obviously talented eye!

Enniskillen castle has some new views for this ol sailor.

Ah....but Devenish sings eh?

Thanks Sandra keep him on a leash!