Saturday, October 16, 2010

About the Pictures in Northern Ireland

I found out the reason that I couldn't create a direct link so you could view the pictures without cutting and pasting. The reason is that the Google Blogspot
doesn't allow characters or symbols used in the URL by Google Picassa. It would be really nice if Google were compatible with Google.

Nevertheless and notwithstanding the above reader J Mac did view the pictures and commented that he enjoyed the pictures of Maguire Castle and wants to know how we can all fit inside. Since there are 12 followers of the blog and one of me, it shouldn't be a tight fit.

Emboldened by J Mac acutally viewing the first 138 pictures, I will go through the same routine with the final 108 pictures by copying URL on the blog so it can be cut and pasted into your browser. Truly, the two sets of pictures are of equal interest.

One of the highlights of the second group is DunLuce castle built by Sorley Boy
MacDonald, plus the Giant's causeway and Castle Monea and much more. I do want you
to realize that you are viewing the pictures online and not acutally downloadind them to your computer, so viewing the pictures will not use up all the unused space on your hard drive.

Also, in this second batch is a rope bridge blown by the wind with two people on it
above a raging surf. From the Giant's Causeway it is just a few miles east to view DunLuce Castle. I don't think that Sandy took a picture of Rathliff Island which is also nearby and is where Robert the Bruce viewed the persistence of the spider who in spite of repeated failures finally completed his web and inspired Bruce to renew the fight against the English oppressors in Scotland. The island is about 11 miles off the coast of Scotland and easily visible from the area of the Giant's Causeway.

You my wonder about my impression of Irish food. It is tough for me to be fair because I like spaghetti, burritos, American Hamburgers, etc.. I thought I would enjoy "bangers" but bangers pale into tastelessness along side Polish sausage and Jimmy Dean sausage links. Irish breakfast was just too much for me with eggs, toast, cereal, bangers, canadian bacon, coffee and fruit juice. So I cut that down to one banger, no canadian bacon and one piece of toast.

When you order fish and chips, the Irish really are expert at serving marvelous food. That dish is usually accompanied by mashed peas which I readily deleted from my order. Irish Hamburger patties that I had were tough, hard and dry. But the Irish are splendid with soups and we had soup at one meal at least every day.

Regardless of my comments on food, the people we met were hospitable, and welcomed us warmly and really made us feel at home. It is just a shame that it is a round trip of some 21 hours from San Francisco. I have flown to Heathrow from San Francisco twice and because of darkness, failed to see Hudson Bay, Greenland and either Scotland or Ireland. I don't plan to endure the long flights again but am very glad we took this trip.

Here is the link to the final 108 pictures.


pgurry said...

Just got back from holiday Bill, the photos are all now fine to view, look forward to taking some time over them.

pgurry said...

Hi Bill, some great photos. The prehistoric stone circle in your Ireland 1 album looks like Drumskinny stone circle, I visited it last year when I was in Ireland.