Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Second ot Two Declared McCowns

Our 14th follower is Alex McCown and I would particularly like to hear from him so
we can compare family histories or just see what I can do to interest other McCown/McKowns in the blog.

In a search of the newly released free public access site for genealogy searches in
Northern Ireland, I did a search to see if I could find a mention of someone who could
be an ancestor of my great great grandfather, Lawrence, somewhere in South Carolina.
That search turned up an Alexander McCown who owned 400 acres of land in South Carolina in about 1750. My brother, Dick, had located the same information in his own research, but so far, we have no other information with which we could relate
with him.

One interesting aspect to our ongoing DNA tests is that both Jim McKown and I are SNP P66+, and by extension, my cousin, Sam is as well. Why do I make such a claim without
Sam having his deep subclades tested? Because we match on 66/67 markers and can document our family histories as well and last but not least, the one marker on which we do not match cannot keep him from being P66+ as well.

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