Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sequel to Cabbages and Kings

All of my marker results from 68-111 have now been posted. I regret that I may
have sounded self satisfied in the previous posting. Actually, I had hoped that the
Italian sample and I were both exact matches on the five marker mentioned. That might have lent some hope that the sample came from a descendant of Cuchonnacht
Maguire who died in Genoa, Italy in 1608, and was a hero and a Maguire chief in his
own right. The total genetic distance between my results and the Italian sample is
a GD=12, with exact matches on only two of the five markers. Since the only other
Maguire tested for the five markers is an exact match with me, it looks as though,
pending the availability of the results of the rest of the Maguire DNA folks tested to 111 markers, that my results will be consistent with the other Maguire results.


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