Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Time has Come the Walrus Said

Many things are happening that look like a strengthening of the connection between my McCown line and the rest of the Maguires.  The P66+ SNP that both Jim McKown and I have, has been found in our
Ulster results and in one Italian result.  The Italian result may be related to Cuchonnacht Maguire who died in Genoa, Italy in August 1608 as well as to the Flight of the Earls which included O'Neills, O'Connors and Maguires among others.  The Flight of the Earls took place on Sept. 14, 1607.

The problem with the Italian P66+ is that we don't match him on five markers and he has not been tested to 67 markers which Mike Walsh of the R-1 L21 11-13 Combo Group would like him to take.

This in turn, leads to the possible need for Jim and I to take the L513 test.  I will address that in the next posting to this blog since I don't have more information on it.  Meanwhile, I for one, am greatly encouraged.  And this just in, 9 of 16 members of Brad McGuire's Airgialla Mag Uidhir Group have already signed up for the 67 toY-111 marker test introduction which is currently offered at a bargain price.

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