Thursday, April 22, 2010

Upon Further Review, there will be a slight delay.

The good news first. The Ulster Historical Foundation (UHF) has just received a major new project with new funding. The selfish downside, is that things will slow down on the McCown project for about a month. That does not mean no progress, however, because Dick McCown continues his document searches online through the UHF Guild and other sources as well. Also, the UHF is considering adding another source
asset that would give close up scrutiny of the Clogher Diocese which includes information on Fermanagh, Monaghan, Southern Tyrone and Southern Donegal counties.

If that venture is succesful, membership in the UHF Guild will become even more important to the study of areas important to Maguire researchers. A tip o' the hat
to the fair Coane for this lead. Speaking of the fair Coane, Dick found a record of a will for one of her ancestor's before 1835. This ancestor is one of two named Thady
Coane, which she refers to as Thady I and Thady II. She also continues to turn up instances of McOwen and Maguire in combination, mostly in south Tyrone. I reported in the previous blog that the UHF has turned up the same combination in Fermanagh as well.

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