Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Redmond McOwen McGwire

This just in from William Roulston of the Ulster Historical Foundation:

"I have just returned from the Linen Hall Library in Belfast where I checked a volume
entitled "Inquisitionium in officio rotulorum cancellariae Hiberniae asservatarum
repertorium" which was published in the 1820's. Basically, it contains abstracts of government inquisitions held in the 17th century."

"Under County Fermanagh I noted that a Redmond McOwen McGwire was a tenant on the estate granted to John Sedborough by King James I in 1610. The entry is in abbreviated Latin and so I was only able to get the gist of it." (editorial comment:
That is why William is doing this sort of thing and I am not) "But now we have a combination of the names of McOwen and Maguire in Co. Fermanagh in the 17th century.
I'll add this information to the website in due course with some explanatory material."

William Roulston also sent my brother, Dick's, credentials and instructions for getting access to the UHF Guild resources. I hope Dick turns up some good stuff there and doesn't have to intuit his way through Latin, Middle English and Gaelish. I can hope that, but still think there will be a lot of intuiting going on.

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