Friday, April 16, 2010

Dick, the Research Dynamo, McCown

Brother Dick is coming up with some big time McCown results using Google Genealogy.
We have a record of the following marriages and births and please note that missing info is truly missing, not just left out.


McCown, John, 1806, Father's name McCown John. Co. Antrim
McCown James, 1809, Father's name McCown William. Co. Antrim
McCown Mary Ann, 1836, Father's name James. Co. Armagh
McCown, John, 1839, Father's name John. Co. Armagh


McCown, John, 1823, Co. Down
McCown, Eleanor, 1827. Co. Down
McCown, Ann, 1830. Co. Down
McCown, Robert 1849, Father, Alexander, Co. Antrim
McCown, Sally Ann, 1852, Father Thomas. Co. Antrim

I believe that is reason enough to use Google Genealogy, don't you?

I believe that people listed above are of Scots descent, but don't know that for sure.

Just to wet your whistle a bit, there is more coming from places not considered
Maguire areas such as Louth, Offaly and even Galway. Dick is finding results from the mid 1500's and much more from about 1742 to 1839 from various other sources. I put that in to echo reader Brad McGuire's dictum "I don't care who lived in which Ice
Cave, I want to know about my ancestors from 1600 to 1800". Amen to that.

I can't wait for the Galway information myself because it has records of changes in religious affiliation and related marriages and I expect some variations of Maguire and McCown to be among them.

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Bob said...

I do believe your correct when you say Scottish decent. I can't prove it yet but, if I'm right you will find out that the McCown name in Scotland becomes, McCoun.

James McCoun III married Mary Campbell abt. 1681 in Scotland
James McCoun m. Elizabeth Montgomery in 1658 in Scotland
James McCoun m. Margaret Hamilton in 1624 in Scotland

Either that or I'm following a wrong path.

Keep up the great job Bill. And may the Lord grant you His, Peace and Grace.
Bob McKown