Monday, December 22, 2014

McCown, Scots or Irish blog is back Again

This blog has been inactive since Nov 2013, but now I have regained control and plan to keep it
updated.  Some rascal stole my gmail account and I just recovered the account.

First, let me suggest that you do an online search for a paper called "The Tribe Within"  It deals with
the history of L513 and L21 which mainly occur in Northern Ireland and Scotland.  It deals with a
tribe called the Veneti which the Roman Empire pronounced as Weneti and this tribe is the progenitor of L513 and L21.  The Veneti designed and built the best boats of the time.  They had
high prows and were built of a particular variety of oak wood and they had leather sails all of which
made them able to withstand the fierce storms of the North Atlantic Ocean as well as rot which was
not the case with cedar wood at least in ships.  This paragraph uses terms that are familiar mostly
to men who have been tested by Family Tree DNA.  If you are a male and want to track your families
deep history these tests are an excellent place to start especially this week because the Y-DNA tests
are heavily discounted in price.

The Veneti were also the progenitors of the Dal Riata of Eastern Ulster.  Some of the Dal Riata
migrated to Scotland and controlled the western seaboard while the Picts controlled the rest of
Scotland.  The paper lists many surnames including McCown, McKown and McCowan as well as the
names of the several major septs of the Maguire clan plus many other surnames as well.

Many of us have been tested for the "Big Y Test" which tests for SNP's or deep subclades and for
STR's which show Y-DNA matches.  I have been tested to 12, 25, 37, 67 and 111 STR's which is
currently as high as these tests are offered.  Brad McGuire is the administrator of the Airghialla
Mag Uidhir (Maguire) group.  Airghialla was also known as the kingdom of Oriel and preceded the
earliest of the Maguire chiefs.  Brad is currently engaged in a project to shed more light on the history
of the Maguire's and I look forward to sharing the results of his project to you.

I also look forward to the next update to this blog.


J_Mac said...

Nice to have you blogging again, Bill. I have been checking back a couple of times a month and have missed the updates.

Desert Sailor said...

Welcome back Bill!