Friday, November 22, 2013

At Last, More New Testing and Thrust

It seems that this blog is heavily dependent on a need for a great deal of
patience, money for new tests as they occur and a constant and abiding
hope for breaks in test results.  Family Tree DNA has just offered a new
test which they call the Big Y which has the potential for finding up to
10 million SNP's.  I invested a hefty sum for this test on 11-18-2013 to
find out more about how the three McCown/McKowns relate to the
Maguires of Co. Fermanagh.  The results are not expected before Feb.
2014 but what is hoped is that it will produce a closer time line between
us and the rest of the Maguire Sept.  This test will show our very deep
ancestry via Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP's) that show ancestry
before surnames came into common use in Ireland about 950 AD.

The three McCown/McKowns are closely related by markers which show
relatedness since surnames came into common use and specifically how
our SNP P66+ anchors SNP 513 which is shared by all of those related
to the Maguires  ties into this.  Our most recent find from William Roulston
of the Ulster Historical Association is that on 18 June 1611, pardons were
approved for the following men:  Edmond McGuire McOwen, gentleman of
Co. Tyrone, Patrick Grome McEdmond McOwen, Brian Magwire McOwen
and Terrence O'Neile.  At that time, native Irish were required by law to
stay on the land and Edmond petitioned for an amnesty in the event that
these men were forced off of their land at no fault of their own.

The FTDNATip tool which shows when a Most Recent Common Ancestor
lived and that year was 1622 AD.  That is very close to when the men listed
above were granted a pardon in 1611 AD.  At a guess, I would say that
there is an excellent chance that one of the men listed is an ancestor of

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