Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cousin Sam's 111 Marker Results are in

Cousin Sam and I match on 108/111 markers.  His deep subclades, including SNP P66 are still
expected on Monday, March 26th.  I no longer believe that P66+ is a necessary indicator of our
relationship.  If Sam isn't P66+, the STR evidence of our relationship at 108/111markers coupled
with our documented genealogy from US census reports meets the gold standard for genealogical
proof our ancestry.  I still expect Sam to be P66+, but this SNP is subject to skipping whole gener-
ations within a single family line.


mrisen said...

I am a decedent of Hezekiah James Lawrence McKown-->Samuel Levi McKown-->Frank McKown-->Ralph McKown-->Dorothy McKown Risen-->Robert Risen-->Me.

Do you have any info on HJL Mckown and his parents? Many thanks, Megan Risen.

William McCown said...

Dear Megan,

I was in contact with a woman related to this line several years
ago. I even wrote letters to at least five of his descendants without a reply. I no longer have
the email address from this lady, but recommend that you try
McCown or McKown Surname bulletin board. Also, contact Leonard McCown, He is very helpful and is the group administrator of the FTDNA McCown
Surname Group. I quit looking because most of the given names of his immediate descendants given names were not close to my line.