Monday, December 5, 2011

Updates and In Memorium to my brother, Dick

My only brother, Dick McCown, died last Thursday morning.  Dick was the instigator of our interest
in the genealogy of our McCown line.  He did all of our documentary research and prepared our family tree including all of the branches through marriage.  In addition, he suggested that we invest in the
FTDNA test and we split the cost.  When the first 25 marker results rolled in, they were almost entirely
Irish.  That was a huge surprise because then, we had thought of ourselves as being Scots.  When the
37 marker results rolled in, it became apparent that we were not only Irish, but of the Ulster Sept of
Maguire, which is one of the few clans of the blood wherein all members from the chief to the lowliest laborer have the same blood.

My highest and closest match with the McGuire surname is Tom and Tom's deep subclade test results
have been received.  We had hoped that his deep clade P66 would be positive, but alas, it was negative.  Had it been positive, his line would probably have been closely related to ours.

There are many with Maguire blood yet to be tested and hope springs eternal and, hopefully, we look forward to that missing link.


Peter Gurry said...

My deepest sympathies to you Bill at this sad time.

Desert Sailor said...

Our family's prayers are with you Bill.

TutuBonnie said...

Oh, Bill, I am so very sorry to hear of Dick's passing. Sorry to be so late in acknowledging, but just found the post today. Many prayers winging your way and to the rest of the family as well.

DonnaM said...

Well this is sad. A lot of our information comes from a Richard McCown. My husband is the great grandson of Wm N. McCown, son of Eli McCown and Nancy Bennett. We are looking for his wife, Anne Eliza and think she is the daughter of Leander, so Wm., married his cousin. I am getting confused putting all the McCown's together, from Texas to Kentucky, to Colorado to California, with names that keep repeating. Would love to hear from you.