Thursday, November 10, 2011

SNP L69 Important McCown/Maguire Link?

This just in from our news desk. A number of the members of the Airgialla Mag Uidhir group have been tested for SNP L69 (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) and have consistently turned up as SNP L69+. This is beginning to look like an SNP that may define Maguire roots going back to 950-1,000AD. Jim McKown and I are both L69+. In addition, two more members are awaiting their L69 test result and three are awaiting their deep subclade results. These latter three will have to test for L69 separately. The encouraging thing here is that I wasn't expecting my test result until Nov. 23 and it just came in today. My highest Maguire match is still awaiting his deep subclade results and perhaps they will be in soon since things at the FTDNA lab seem to be happening faster than expected. This match had to be retested but I am confident that the retest of his deep clades will be successful.

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