Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Grand Adventure to Fermanagh

We almost have all the ducks in line for a trip to Fermanagh. It will be our first ever trip to Ireland and have received some great suggestions from the fair Coane and husband,John,
Barry McCain and Patrick MacAuley. All gave some discrete insights and advice.

The trip will involve an eleven hour flight from San Francisco to Heathrow and then a change of both planes (from Boeing 777 to Airbus 319)and airlines. The transportation from Belfast to Belleek, Fermanagh, will be provided by John Cunningham
(a tip of the hat to the fair Coane and her husband, John).

This will be our first ever trip out of the country without a complete, predetermined package, and at my age, traveling a la carte, is a bit more exciting than I would like.

No personal genealogical research is planned, but we hope to visit many scenic and historical sites. The trip, if all the ducks line up will happen in September.

I look forward to relating the highlights on our return.

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Bob said...

I look forwards to hearing the highlights, when you return home Bill.