Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Fair Coane Gets a Break

The fair Coane had been reading this blog for awhile before contacting me about a possible connection between her family and mine. She has furnished some very valuable information used in the blog as well as being used by other researchers.

Things are tough when you are looking in the window, but can't participate, but now, a male in her paternal line has taken the 37 marker Y-DNA test. All I know to date about the result is that their Coane line has the Niall of the Nine Hostages
haplogroup and my line does not. It is a matter of her line being M222+ and mine being M222-.

This is not a major surprise since their Coane Coat of Arms includes an O'Neill crest. Now the crest is explained. There may be O'Connor's in the mix as well because many of them also share M222-. If you have been tested by FTDNA but have not had them test your sample for deep subclades, that is where you will find such things as M222+ or -.

In the Coane line, unless her male relative has had the deep subclade test, it must have been so strong that FTDNA predicted the haplogroup. FTDNA is very careful with their predictions and usually, you can take them to the bank.

I really get a kick out of it when someone has done so much good research but can find no one in the paternal line to take the test and gets a windfall like this.

Congratulations to the fair Coane and her male relative as well!

Our trip to Fermanagh is really shaping up. We had a siege of paper work that all had to be done right now, and now, we can relax for a bit. As planned, we will be met at the airport by one of John Cunningham's drivers and be driven directly to Belleek, County Fermanagh, a two hour trip during which we well see about 80 miles of beautiful scenery. The fair Coane recommended John Cunningham's tour service in glowing terms and already he has been very helpful. If you are interested, email him
at (No, I will not comment on his choice of email address)

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Bob said...

My own shows that is am also in the "Niall of the Nine Hostages" group. I am also 1 removed from John's Y-DNA. I did get markers in today for 13-25, which I'll let you know about when you get back from your trip.

Speaking of your trip, I hope that all is going well for you Bill. Enjoy the sights while your there.