Monday, March 15, 2010

This is the Big Day!

I have received confirmation of my order from the Ulster Historical Foundation (UHF) for researching the McCown family in detail. I am in process of filling in a form they need for their files. Since there are many benefits provided by membership in the Ulster Historical Foundation Guild (economic and otherwise), that will also be obtained when my brother, Dick, is well enough to do some online research offered through the Guild.

The UHF has estimated that their research results should be available in about six months and any progress will be reported here as well.

I also have reason to believe that Pat MacAuley may join the Guild as well. Pat has much, much more information on his family history than the McCowns do and so he most likely will be able to find everything else he wants through sources provided through the Guild. Pat gave me much needed encouragement and help to get this far in our journey, and for this I thank him and wish him (and all of us) Blessings on the upcoming St. Patrick's Day. St. Patrick is venerated by both Catholics and Protestants, especially in Ireland.

Pat and several family members visited Fermanagh and probably Cavan counties last year. One of his more telling comments after that trip is just how tiring a full day of research in a geneaological library can be. One of the objectives of that trip was also to visit known cousins. What a grand privilege to be able to find them and to visit them as well.


TutuBonnie said...

Excellent! Will be interested in the findings.

Bob said...

I notice you pronounce your last name, McCown rhyming "town" in a earlier post. That is also how my last name, McKown is pronounced.

Peace and Grace
Bob McKown