Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Edmond McGwire McOwen

The subject name plus Brian Magwyre McOwen were pardoned in 1611 in southern Tyrone.
This news was received with rejoicing today from William Roulston. I am indeed glad they weren't hanged and glad that William has found the names McGwire and McOwen within the names of two men thus possibly connecting Maguire, McOwen/McCown with my DNA. This remains to be proven, but until being disproven, I choose to enjoy the moment.

William Roulston also says that the Ulster Hisorical Foundation has radically changed
from the conventional way in which they present the results of their research and has allowed me to pass the website URL on to "the others"., I tried to use the instructions for
allowing you to just click on the link, but it didn't work. Will try again later.

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