Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Irish Laurence and an Irish William

William Roulston of the Ulster Heritage Foundation has turned up a Laurence McCowen and a James McKowen in Co. Antrim in the 1700's.  Meanwhile, I have found a William McCown, born 1708
in Co. Antrim who died in 1747 in Knockmaoktgan, Co. Fermanagh.  This latter find was on  Perhaps one of these men is a member of my McCown line and that would be small
chip out of our genealogical stone wall connecting our line on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

That has been a wistful dream of mine with little chance of bearing fruit because so many of Irish
descent have been unable to make such a connection in their own research.  Finding a Laurence McCowen is a terrific surprise because I have only found two in early Kentucky but with the McCown
spelling.  I am very encouraged and hope that Jim McKown is as well.

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Theophilus said...

William, if those early Kentucky McCowns lived in Nicholas County, Kentucky, then I'm one of their descendants. Early on in Kentucky we spelled our name McQuown, but pronounced it McCowan, which is the spelling we use today. Our haplogroup is R1a1a*.