Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fellow Traveler

Scott McCown commented on the previous blog about the warrior connection of those
related to Francis McCown. As it happens, Scott is very active in the Church of Christ as was I until I moved out here in the wilderness and now attend a community church. We are not related to each other in the flesh but certainly are in the Spirit.

My grandmother made sure that her kids and their kids were members of the Church of Christ as well, to the best of her ability. I sing the song of prayer preparation each Sunday morning and frequently use Great Songs of the Church as a source of the hymns that I sing. I also use songs from that book but sometimes need them in a lower key signature and so then select that lower key from a Methodist, Presbyterian or Seventh Day Adventist Hymnal.

I didn't mean to get sidetracked from the Scots or Irish Theme but I am tickled pink
to have Scott following the blog. I know for a fact that some of the followers of this blog are Christians as well and they can probably relate to my celebrating in this fashion.

We are still waiting for the deep subclade test results for my closest match within
the McGuire surname and hope it may yield a source of the McGuire/McCown/McKown connecton. That would be shown if this match tests positive on SNP P66. So far, only Jim McKown and I have tested positive on P66 of those with Maguire DNA.

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Bob said...

That is okay being side-tracked. I know as a Christian myself, when I meet another Christian it is always a reason to celebrate.