Saturday, August 6, 2011

McManus/McCown Connection in South Carolina, 1775

This just in from our news room. An email has been received from a lady descended
from both McManus and McCown. She even had my FTDNA Kit no.. This could be a very
productive lead for her lines as well as mine, especially, mine since we have no known history before 1792 in South Carolina or anywhere else except for the vital
Y-DNA results.

Since McManus is one of the principle families in the Maguire clan this may give us a clue just where McKown/McCown fits in with the overall Maguire clan scheme of things.
It has the potential of being a genealogical break through for both of us.

I am waiting for more information from her such as if she has suitable Y-DNA male
test candidates for both McManus and McCown. She has already mentioned two specific counties in South Carolina in 1775 and my hope is that that will give a toe hold to my
brother Dick to exploit and share our research with hers.

This is the first potential breakthrough we have had to the parents and grandparents
of our great great grandfather, Lawrence McCown and better yet, it should be
supported by both conventional research and DNA. I hope to have more in the next

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