Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quest for a Small Group

The latest word from FTDNA regarding SNP P66+ and marker DYF399X is that although Jim McKown and I, both being P66+ could be tested for marker DYF399X.  We have been encouraged to
put together a small group to also be tested because that will give the interpreters more sight angles at the results and could, perhaps, identify how long ago P66+ came into our family line.  My hope is that it will not only do that but also show others with Maguire DNA who may be related to us.

Barry McCain, administrator of the FTDNA Ulster Heritage Group, believes that our McCown/McKown connection with the Maguire DNA came about sometime in the 1600's AD.  Barry
also sent a list of five or six other men that he has identified at 67 markers to William Roulston to study and if possible, find if they, indeed, did live near to each other, were Protestant and had other relatedness among the families.

All of this may sound like we are trying to avoid FTDNA's recently developed test that has the capability to identify cousins going back five generations.  That is not the case, because that test was not offered when Barry first contacted William Roulston, Jim McKown had not been tested at all, and few people other than John McEwan had even heard of P66+ or DYF399X.  John had as far back as at least 2005 and has written about it.

The FTDNA test for cousins is more far reaching and costs much more than what we plan to do.  What we are trying to do could be money down the drain or a spectaculor success---with a wee bit o' the luck of the Irish.


Desert Sailor said...

In furthering our little quest "Walk the Y" results should begin appearing on or around 11 May. No guarantees at what it will provide but....I am firmly convinced that those who track >-6GD from the Airghialla 2 Modal ARE in fact kin.

Now, weaving our combined family trees together...will be an art form as yet undefined!!

Peter Gurry said...

Good luck with your group Bill.