Friday, September 3, 2010

Five Nights Sleeping in an Irish Pub

Never frequenting bars, saloons or pubs, I confess to you freely that we plan to sleep five nights at Mahoon's Fiddlestone Pub and Guesthouse in Belleek, Fermanagh. As business names go, we also plan to have dinner in Belfast at The Barking Dog. Fortunately for me, the good brethren at the local Methodist church never read my blog.

The closer we get to leaving home next Wednesday, there is more stuff that remains to be done before the trip than we realized. Yesterday, was very warm in California's Central Valley. We had stopped for lunch in Merced, named after El Rio de Nuestra Senora de Merced. On restarting the car there was a sound like a fully revved up Harley Davidson motorcycle with no muffler but with a giant megaphone tailpipe. It turned out that the noise came from the fan motor that sends warm or cold air to the passenger compartment of my car.

The Ford dealer retrieved some insulation material and the remains of a very dead mouse from the fan motor housing. This also involved a lot of driving time from Merced to Modesto, waiting for the repair and then making up time for things we needed to buy in preparation for the trip to Fermanagh.

The fair Coane has asked me to say hello to a mountain or her behalf in Donegal amd tour guide John Cunningham has to give two talks on the morning of the 11th so we will go along with him and visit parts of the Sperrin Mountains as well. The alternative was to spend an entire day at the museum in Enniskillen Castle. We do expect to spend some time there, but not a whole day.

You have all taken long trips before so you know the drill and the hassle and hopefully some good times as well.

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pgurry said...

If you get the chance Bill, try to visit the stone figures on Boa Island, it's not far from Belleek. Well worth a visit.