Friday, June 25, 2010

DNA Updates

It looks as though Bill McCown, who is descended from William McCown, Rebel Scottish prisoner, deported from England to Port Oxford, Maryland in 1747/48, is about to sign up for the Y-DNA 67 marker test. This should be very interesting for Scottish McCowns or even Irish McCowns.

Also, a test kit for the 37 marker test is on it's way to Bob McKown. Bob believes that his family
immigrated from Antrim. In my opinion, that may indicate that he has DNA in common with Francis and John McCown and also with Alexander McCown and his six sons of Pennsylvania.

Also, Robert Maguire has just upgraded his order to 67 markers as well. His family is from Tempo, Fermanagh where one of his ancestor's was a tailor.

All of these men will be encouraged to join the FTDNA Ulster Heritage Group of some 1,500 members.
If you, the reader, expect to take either the 37 or 67 marker Y-DNA test, do it now while prices are at an all time low, but be sure to do it through a surname group to get the best price.

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