Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Information on Family Finder Test

The FTDNA Family Finder Test now includes the ability, and the cost, to combine a 37 marker Y-DNA
test and the Family Finder Test in a single purchase and a new DNA kit. See the site:, at the site see Family Tree DNA News in the upper right side of the page and read about the new features of the
brand new technology that should expand the world wide data base much more quickly.

I have requested that FTDNA clarify if the combined 37 marker Y-DNA test already includes the Surname discount in the price of the test but will not have an answer from them until next week.

See this the website at to view the latest findings regarding the combination surnames of Maguire McOwen or McOwen Maguire. For whatever reason, which I fail to grasp, Blogspot will not allow me to show more than one enclosed link.

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Bob said...

Hello Bill,

Both links work, that you posted.

I hope all is well with you, and going great. I look forwards to when I can take the DNA test.