Sunday, July 26, 2009

Initial Deep Subclade Results

As mentioned in the previous update, FTDNA is testing me for six additional SNP's.
Results on two of the six have been received about a month before their target dates.
They are L49 and L23. I know it is a bit like watching grass grow, but the result was positive on both and my haplogroup has changed from R1b1b2 to R1b1b2a. Another
man of Irish descent has tested positive on all six of these SNP's which came as a big surprise to me, because I had assumed that at least some of them would be mutually exclusive. So, like that man, my results when they are all in could well be the same as his are, R1b1b12a1b5. That is the most common of the R1b haplogroups so I guess that makes me a man of the people.

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