Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome Scott

Patrick Hermann MacAuley is visiting Fermanagh and Cavan Counties this month and said that if he gets the opportunity he would see if he could get information on McCowns. PLease don't hesitate to write to me directly: or

Two new matches showed up this week, one 62/67 and one at 63/67 and both are Maguire Clan family names, MacAuley and McGuire, as you may imagine, this is very good news.

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Scott said...


My dad (Brian) serves as an elder in the congregation I grew-up in. My older brother is a deacon, and my younger a Bible Class teacher and ministry leader in the congregations they attend. I have an uncle who fills in preaching in KY. My grandad was born and raised a Methodist. My grandmother was raised in the church of Christ in rural Ohio.

I look forward to hearing about any research into the family name in Ireland.

Nice meeting you in cyberspace.