Monday, December 8, 2008

Ulster McCowan

Thomas McCowan was a weaver by trade in Duncannon, County Tyrone, Ireland. He was the first of his family line to come to America. One of his descendents was Prof. W. L. McCowan who served as principal of West Liberty State Normal School and was born Dec. 13, 1867, at Moss Run, Ohio.

This family does not appear to be related to mine, but the time frame matches that of my GGGF, Lawrence McCown, and both Lawrence McCown and Thomas McCowan had sons in 1818. Both families show marriages with families surnamed Dye. I am pleased when someone with a similar surname can trace their origins, down to their occupation in Ireland. Thomas could well be of Scotch-Irish descent, in that Duncannon, Tyrone, Co., Northern Ireland, is near Antrim, and both counties were active early during the Great Plantation of Ireland

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